Why We Need a Walk With God

When I think of “a walk with us” as a phrase, I honestly can say that I get a little freaked out. I think of a long journey, maybe with some hills (or mountains), some joint pain, and then having your iPod die. I think of the type of journey where for every two minutes of bliss, you get 20 times the amount of hard times. I think of the journey where you call everyone (even when that ‘everyone’ is just the neighborhood squirrel), and then when that is not enough, you call on God. Funny. This is starting to sound like life.

Exhausted hiker

Right now, we are in a time of huge change. We are searching for our vocation, starting our vocation, dealing with sick friends/family, school, broken iPod, and that is just the beginning of the list. Truth is, we probably will not see a plateau to that change any time soon. So what do we do?

I know you think I am going to say call on God or trust in the Eucharist, but do we always do that?

Do we call on our Savior?

Do we spend time without the distractions of the “journey?”

Do we trust in Him?

Or, do we find comfort in Netflix? Or seek a partner to feel the void? Or try to ignore anything that has to do with God?

I know that when my close friend passed away, I did all of these. I watched a bunch of Netflix, I ran into a relationship, I ignored the readings in Mass.

Guess what? None of it helped. The only relief came when I leaned on God. Yes, it feels awkward sometimes. Yes, someone will think you are weird when you are praying. Sometimes you will not hear anything. If we are going to make the journey, if we are going to get past the joint pain, we need God. We need to start trusting in the Eucharist.

We need each other. Especially as Catholic young-adults.

I hope you all have a blessed week and welcome to “A Walk with Us.”

Taylor Profile Picture Taylor Ferebee – Contributor

How do you reach out to God in your times of need? What have your experiences been maintaining a relationship with God? What are some of the struggles that you face in doing so? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below!


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