Need a Little Calm and Rejuvenation? Try the Mass!

Distractions. Our lives are full of them. In fact, as I type right now, I am listening to music. Taylor Swift to be exact.

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Such a big fan. Anyway, back to the topic of this blog post. Now more than ever, it seems like we supplement our daily activities with other actions, like listening to music (Taylor Swift), texting, or surfing the web. It has become so easy, especially since our phones and other hand-held devices can do so much for us. Having so much information, music, and the like at our leisure can be a good thing. However, it can also lead us to feel at the very least, a little too busy. With our phones vibrating from text messages and alerts from Facebook, our e-mail prompting us to check our phone to see what our friends or the world is up to, and our daily work lives filling up our thought space, our lives can feel loud. It seems like there is no place that we can hide from the distractions of the world. Well, there is a place where all of that “noise” can go away, the Mass! For at least one hour of our lives every Sunday, or Saturday if you go to the vigil Mass like I do, or even daily, you can experience an inherently peaceful and calm environment during the celebration of the Eucharist. When I go to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Hampton, Virginia for Mass, I really do feel that sense of peace for many reasons.

  • The church itself is beautiful. The wide-open space, the way the windows let the sunlight in, and how the church is set up makes me feel really comfortable.


  • I also enjoy listening to Father Prince’s homilies, because he is a great public speaker. His messages are neither to daunting or underwhelming; he includes the right message for the right circumstances. Here is a link to his homilies on the parish website!
  • The music at ICC also helps me feel closer to God. They always choose the right songs for the liturgy and the instrumentation and voices are never too busy.


Overall, the great thing about going to Mass at ICC, and any other church for that matter, is it doesn’t require the use of any distracting electronics. You don’t need to check your social media and you don’t have to answer any phone calls or e-mails. The Mass has everything to keep you focused. I always feel rejuvenated and peaceful after I leave the church after Mass. I’m a singer, so I love to sing, especially when the choir plays one of my favorite songs.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.16.03 AM

When the choir sings or plays a song that I absolutely love, it makes me feel so incredibly happy. I also love the connection I get with Jesus when I receive him in the Eucharist. There’s nothing else like it. And the best part is I am only focusing on what is going on in the moment. There is nothing to distract me. There is no “concert-phone syndrome” as I like to call it, where everybody has their phones out to document the moment, but they don’t realize what is actually going on. Mass just has this inherent, peace about it that makes me feel peaceful in return. During the Mass, there are some things that might happen that some people might call “loud.” Yes we sing, Father might have a booming voice or tell a funny joke occasionally and the congregation chuckles, but those “loud events” ultimately do not involve an outside variable or distraction, like our phones, tablets, work or school projects. Mass truly provides us with a gift of peaceful contemplation. Unfortunately, there will always be an infant screaming, the adorable baby who wants to make faces with you, or the occasional phone vibration or Heaven forbid, accidental phone ring. However, the Mass itself will continue be a safe haven from the distractions of the world. It really is a beautiful gift.

Blog Profile Pic Jacob Clore – Editor and Contributor

So what are some distractions that you face in your life? What kind of effect does the Mass have on you? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below!


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