Open Letter to Millennials

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I see you at Starbucks. I see you watching Netflix. I see you at $5 PBR night. I also see you struggling to make it.

I feel you. I feel it. I also wish someone had written this to me.

Dear Millennials,

You (and I) know the times right now are not the best. We are in the wake of terrorism, political elections, finishing school, entering the workforce, leaving our faith, poverty in our communities, environmental problems, opposition to the faith, personal relationships and families. We have student loans, car payments, more bills, young children, emails to send, one last appliance to fix and a house to buy. Not to mention, we face the constant challenges associated with faith.

We get lost.

We also see that our generation of 18-35 year olds has an expectation of being the fixers, the innovators, the outspoken, the leaders, the passionate and even the best generation yet (I may have made that up).

It is interesting, however, that we are not known as the generation who has masculine, confident and committed men or feminine, confident and committed women.

Why are we not seen as these virtuous men and women?

Sarah Swafford states that in order for us to be our best we must use our head in a way that our hearts can follow. Pope John Paul II (JP2 for the win) stated that, “Man must reconcile himself to his natural greatness.”

So, obvious question:

How can we, as the fixers, innovators, outspoken, passionate leaders use our head and hearts to strive for ‘natural greatness?’

Simple answer: We need to ignore society’s expectations of growth.

Saint Paul, in his letter to the Ephesians, says it perfectly:

I, then, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to live in a manner worthy of the call you have received: Ephesians 4:1.

In other words, grow up and live like the grownup God made you to be.

Discern your vocation.

Yeah, you may be the fixer, the innovator, the outspoken, passionate leader, or you might just be the person behind the open letter.  Yes, the times are not the best, but you cannot be the modern Marvel superhero without looking toward our actual superhero–our Savior Jesus Christ.

Millennials, we are in this together with the ultimate cheering squad. You are all awesome, virtuous people. Start living like it.

I am rooting for you.

Taylor Profile Picture Taylor Ferebee – Contributor

What are some of the challenges that you face as a Catholic Millennial? Feel free to comment in the section below!


Need a Little Calm and Rejuvenation? Try the Mass!

Distractions. Our lives are full of them. In fact, as I type right now, I am listening to music. Taylor Swift to be exact.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.32.27 AM

Such a big fan. Anyway, back to the topic of this blog post. Now more than ever, it seems like we supplement our daily activities with other actions, like listening to music (Taylor Swift), texting, or surfing the web. It has become so easy, especially since our phones and other hand-held devices can do so much for us. Having so much information, music, and the like at our leisure can be a good thing. However, it can also lead us to feel at the very least, a little too busy. With our phones vibrating from text messages and alerts from Facebook, our e-mail prompting us to check our phone to see what our friends or the world is up to, and our daily work lives filling up our thought space, our lives can feel loud. It seems like there is no place that we can hide from the distractions of the world. Well, there is a place where all of that “noise” can go away, the Mass! For at least one hour of our lives every Sunday, or Saturday if you go to the vigil Mass like I do, or even daily, you can experience an inherently peaceful and calm environment during the celebration of the Eucharist. When I go to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Hampton, Virginia for Mass, I really do feel that sense of peace for many reasons.

  • The church itself is beautiful. The wide-open space, the way the windows let the sunlight in, and how the church is set up makes me feel really comfortable.


  • I also enjoy listening to Father Prince’s homilies, because he is a great public speaker. His messages are neither to daunting or underwhelming; he includes the right message for the right circumstances. Here is a link to his homilies on the parish website!
  • The music at ICC also helps me feel closer to God. They always choose the right songs for the liturgy and the instrumentation and voices are never too busy.


Overall, the great thing about going to Mass at ICC, and any other church for that matter, is it doesn’t require the use of any distracting electronics. You don’t need to check your social media and you don’t have to answer any phone calls or e-mails. The Mass has everything to keep you focused. I always feel rejuvenated and peaceful after I leave the church after Mass. I’m a singer, so I love to sing, especially when the choir plays one of my favorite songs.

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When the choir sings or plays a song that I absolutely love, it makes me feel so incredibly happy. I also love the connection I get with Jesus when I receive him in the Eucharist. There’s nothing else like it. And the best part is I am only focusing on what is going on in the moment. There is nothing to distract me. There is no “concert-phone syndrome” as I like to call it, where everybody has their phones out to document the moment, but they don’t realize what is actually going on. Mass just has this inherent, peace about it that makes me feel peaceful in return. During the Mass, there are some things that might happen that some people might call “loud.” Yes we sing, Father might have a booming voice or tell a funny joke occasionally and the congregation chuckles, but those “loud events” ultimately do not involve an outside variable or distraction, like our phones, tablets, work or school projects. Mass truly provides us with a gift of peaceful contemplation. Unfortunately, there will always be an infant screaming, the adorable baby who wants to make faces with you, or the occasional phone vibration or Heaven forbid, accidental phone ring. However, the Mass itself will continue be a safe haven from the distractions of the world. It really is a beautiful gift.

Blog Profile Pic Jacob Clore – Editor and Contributor

So what are some distractions that you face in your life? What kind of effect does the Mass have on you? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below!

Why We Need a Walk With God

When I think of “a walk with us” as a phrase, I honestly can say that I get a little freaked out. I think of a long journey, maybe with some hills (or mountains), some joint pain, and then having your iPod die. I think of the type of journey where for every two minutes of bliss, you get 20 times the amount of hard times. I think of the journey where you call everyone (even when that ‘everyone’ is just the neighborhood squirrel), and then when that is not enough, you call on God. Funny. This is starting to sound like life.

Exhausted hiker

Right now, we are in a time of huge change. We are searching for our vocation, starting our vocation, dealing with sick friends/family, school, broken iPod, and that is just the beginning of the list. Truth is, we probably will not see a plateau to that change any time soon. So what do we do?

I know you think I am going to say call on God or trust in the Eucharist, but do we always do that?

Do we call on our Savior?

Do we spend time without the distractions of the “journey?”

Do we trust in Him?

Or, do we find comfort in Netflix? Or seek a partner to feel the void? Or try to ignore anything that has to do with God?

I know that when my close friend passed away, I did all of these. I watched a bunch of Netflix, I ran into a relationship, I ignored the readings in Mass.

Guess what? None of it helped. The only relief came when I leaned on God. Yes, it feels awkward sometimes. Yes, someone will think you are weird when you are praying. Sometimes you will not hear anything. If we are going to make the journey, if we are going to get past the joint pain, we need God. We need to start trusting in the Eucharist.

We need each other. Especially as Catholic young-adults.

I hope you all have a blessed week and welcome to “A Walk with Us.”

Taylor Profile Picture Taylor Ferebee – Contributor

How do you reach out to God in your times of need? What have your experiences been maintaining a relationship with God? What are some of the struggles that you face in doing so? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below!

Welcome to A Walk With Us!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to A Walk With Us! I am really excited to start this blog with Immaculate Conception Catholic Church! I am an intern with Greg Thompson and the parish’s communications department. As part of my internship, I had to determine a project to work on throughout my summer. I decided to start a blog because the young adults in the parish need to have the opportunity to have something to read or contribute to and feel passionate about!  The blog will also provide an outlet for young adults to discuss their faith and the hardships and triumphs that come along with it. You can read more about the purpose of the blog in the About the Blog Section. I hope you enjoy it!


Jacob Clore

Immaculate Conception Communications Intern and Virginia Tech Hokie (Class of 2016, Let’s Go Hokies!)

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